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Fastback Hardcover Guide
If you’re on a budget, this compact machine is highly affordable and meets most office binding demands. Use it to for tape binding, perfect binding and hardcover book binding.
Model #HCG2
US $295
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he Fastback® Hardcover Assembly Guide™ allows anyone to finish a hardcover book or photobook in seconds. It ensures consistent alignment of the book block with the Powis hardcover.

It's designed to be used as a part of:

- Powis' PhotoBook Production Cell™. The other two elements are the Splitter™ paper preparation system and the Fastback® 25 binding machine. The Cell’s innovative StitchFree™ technology allows you to firmly bind glossy paper to create archival quality hardcover photo books.

- The Fastback® Hardcover™ system. In concert with the Fastback 15xs or Fastback 9 binding machine, the Assembly Guide allows you to create bookstore-quality hardcover books in less than a minute.

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